Top Softball Batting Stances

By Isaiah Laplant | Softball

Feb 21

Spectators enjoy baseball for the great game that it is. However, there are some bonus scenes that make the crowd go “ahhhh” and “wow”. The sport is not only a display of skill, but also of great showmanship. From time to time, athletes capture our hearts with the tricks, techniques, and stances they make.

It is said that batting stances a similar to snowflakes; each of them unique and has its own charm. There will be similarities, but they will never be entirely the same. Some great stances, popularized by famous athletes are often copied. However, like other strategies, stances are chosen by athletes because they are comfortable with it. It showcases their skill and at times, even helps them achieve their full potential.

In no time, some batting stances have become an extension of an athlete. Some are always remembered for it. Let us look at some famous baseball players with their best baseball bats and memorable stances.

1. Craig Counsell

He plays for the Milwaukee Brewers and is best known for his stance where he raised both hands high, back straight and the baseball bat facing towards the sky. The stance mainly makes him look like he’s stretching. Eventually, in the later part of his career, Counsell stop using this famous stance.

2. Tony Batista

Batista, the infielder of Arizona Diamondback, uses a stance that puts that lower part of his body at rest before striking and then, he would go for a high strike.

3. Jeff Bagwell

This player from Houston Astros has one of the most iconic stances of all time. He would bend his knees low, like he is sitting on an invisible chair.

4. Mickey Tettleton

Tettlon plays for Detroit Tigers. His stance is known for its grace. The overall look of it is that he holds the bat with his arm on his chest level. He finishes the ball with a strike and a pose.

5. Julio Franco

Another athlete known for his incredible stance is New York Mets Franco. He hold the bat over his head with his knees facing each other. How he kept his balance while aiming to hit the ball is what amazes most people most of all.

6. Rickey Henderson

Henderson of Oakland Athletics always bends his back forward, hand holding the bat near his shoulder. In order to get a clear view of the ball, he puts his head in the strike zone, which is both dangerous and brilliant. After hitting the ball, he would always drop the bat like it’s some hot potato.

7. Gary Sheffield

The right fielder of Atlanta Braves, Sheffield has one of the most action-packed stances. He would start by holding the bat at the side of his face, raise it, before proceeding to hitting the ball full-on. His stance gives him a fierce look any pitcher should be afraid of.

8. Kevin Youkilis

No one never looks more prepared for battle that Boston Res Sox Youkilis. He has the most difficult stance to imitate. His legs are close together and he holds the bat above his head. However, what makes it difficult is the position of his whole body.

9. Phil Plantier

Playing for Santiago Padres and eventually for St. Louis Cardinals, Plantier has an almost similar stance to Bagwell. He would go to a sitting, almost ball-like, position. His stance looks more like a defense than preparing for a stike, but it sure does get him somewhere.

10. Cal Ripken

Ripken of Baltimore Orioles is known for many of his stances. He’s one of those athletes who change their stance from time to time. However, what makes him special is that all his stances were epic.

These baseball players all look unstoppable with their best baseball bats. There’s no doubt that they and their stances will forever leave their mark to the world of baseball.

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