Tidal Wave Bat: Why It Became A Splash

By Isaiah Laplant | Softball

Feb 07

If you are a baseball player, then you know just how important having the right equipment is. This is especially true if you are a batter because once the bat you are holding feels a little bit weird, then your swing might not be as effective. If the bat is too heavy, then you might not hit accurately since you are having a hard time controlling the bat. On the other hand, if the bat is too light, then you will most likely not generate enough power for a strong swing.

So which of the two characteristics is better when choosing a bat? Well, the answer will mostly depend on the preference of the player. If he wants to have a strong hit right away, then he just has to train his arms to lift a heavy bat. If he wants to have an easier time lifting the bat, then he can choose the light one and just practice trying to swing stronger. But what if there is a bat that can exhibit both of these characteristics? Well, the good news is that Spalding has come up with one that actually does have both traits mixed into one fantastic piece of equipment. Low and behold, we have the very popular Tidal Wave Bat. This bat is actually considered one of the best softball bats according to many batters these days.

What exactly makes this bat special? If you take a good look at it, it looks just like any ordinary aluminum bat that you can find in any sports store around town. So what’s the big deal with this Tidal Wave Bat anyway? When you pick it up, you probably won’t feel anything special about it either, but when you get to the box and start to swing the bat, then you will know the difference. You will feel that the unusually heavy handle of the bat will feel light all of a sudden and the weight will be transferred to the top. How is this even possible? To put it simply, there is water inside the bat. There is water in the handle that can be transferred to the head of the bat during a swing.

Basically, the inside of the bat has a thin hollow space from the top to the handle. The handle has a little bit of water inside that can be moved to the top when the bat is titled. Most batters love this bat because it is able to give them complete control of their swing. Because the handle loses its heaviness during the swing, then the bat will not be so heavy for the batter. At the same time, the head will become heavier which means that it can create a stronger force when it hits the ball. The added weight will be able to smash the ball really hard upon contact. So we literally have a bat that is both light and heavy at the same time! At first, the bat may not feel right because of its structure and the added weight in the handle. However, if you practice using the bat several times, you will find out that this bat is a very strong ally during games.

Wait, if this is the case, then won’t this bat be banned because it seems unfair for the other players who do not have it? The answer is no. Spalding made sure to put the “Official Softball” label on all their bats so that they can be used in games. If the umpire would question the acceptability of the bat, then all you have to do is show him the “Official Softball” label and he will allow it in the game. The general rule for baseball equipment is that as long as there is this label on it, then it means that it has been allowed by the governing bodies.

The design and innovation of this bat is just genius! It allows batters to have both the comfort of a light bat and the hitting power of a heavy bat. It’s actually like having your cake and eating it too! It is no wonder why many consider it one of the best softball bats out there in the market.

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