The Charms Of Slow-Pitch Softball

By Isaiah Laplant | Softball

Feb 03

Softball, a sport that is wrongly confused with baseball many times, is a very popular activity, especially in the United States of America. The slow-pitch variation of this sport is more popular among the preteens, or teenagers. It is actually the easier way to play the sport as the pitcher has to lift the ball high into the air, and any pitch that gets out of the regular perimeters (between 6 and 12 ft) is classified as an illegal pitch. This rule doesn’t apply to the other variation, which is the fast-pitch one, where the pitcher’s objective is to give his ball the highest speed possible.

Slow-pitch softball has become the fourth most played sport activity in the USA high-schools, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Because of its appealing style of play, it has become more than just a sport activity, transforming slowly into a very popular social activity that is enjoyed by everyone.

The charm of slow-pitch softball is that it can be played by anyone, and you don’t have to be particularly talented at it, or a fantastic athlete, to enjoy it. The fact that it’s also inexpensive, as the equipment isn’t pricey, is also a big advantage that helped the popularity of this sport. Nowadays, it is views as a great way to spend some time away from the everyday worries that usually plague our minds.

The Dallas Angels huddle between innings. © 2006

Softball fanatics, or let’s say, the sport’s biggest fans should thank the slow-pitch variation as it has been the one that made a lot of people have a great time playing it. Therefore, it increased its popularity all around the world. Fast-pitch is more competitive, while slow-pitch gives everyone a chance to play and enjoy themselves, no matter how old are they. This is what any activity should be based on; entertainment for all the ages. It’s not a big difference if you are a 55 year old grandpa, or a 25 year old young man; both can play slow-pitch softball without having backaches or damaged legs the next day. This is actually an amazing way to promote this sport, try to remember that.

Now, when we talk about equipment, you should try to purchase for yourself and for your family the best slowpitch softball bats that you can find on the market, as they can be crucial when you start playing the game already. The tricky part is that bats are chosen most of the times based on personal preferences. As there are not 100% sure tips or pieces of advice that will help you select the best softball bat for yourself, you must follow what your guts tell you.

A great choice of a bat, if you are more than just a newbie at softball is a composite bat. It’s approved by all the major softball organizations, so you shouldn’t worry about that. Also, its pop is just amazing, and it doesn’t require that much effort to swing as it is lighter that aluminum. Its balance is also quite unique, that is why this bat may be considered as one of the best softball bats that can be found on the market at a lower price.

Of course, other pieces of equipment, like the gloves, the helmet, the protective gear or the cleats are also very important. However, they are not as important as the bat that you are going to use if you’re a hitter. If you want to take up slow-pitch softball, then you should try to splash the big sums of money on that and buy the other pieces at the end.

The fact that softball is more of a social sport than a competitive one is important, because not all the sports should be about who comes out on top. Some should have the fundamentals similar to slow-pitch softball: have fun for a little bit, and forget about the problems that you’ll have to deal with after you leave the diamond-shaped pitch.

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