Softball And The Psychology Behind Winning It

By Isaiah Laplant | Softball

Feb 15

A person may say that like all the other sports, softball is a game for the body; thus, only the physical strength is needed in order to succeed in it. This is mostly true, of course. However, it does not necessarily mean that the game is not involved, in any way, with mental calculation and planning.

Every game can be analyzed. If you know how to analyze the movements of your opponents, you can construct counter measures for their moves and strategies. In fact, most games are won through careful planning and well-laid strategy, paired with practice and dedication. Sometimes, games are won simply inside the head of the players, too.

What the player is thinking during the game is important. What’s inside the mind is reflected in the actions of the player. A weak mind rests in a week player. Mental game couch, Bill Coles, has suggested some strategies on how to keep the mind strong before and during the game.

Focus On What You Can Do And What You Can’t

It is important that you know your skills and your limitations. If you do, you can focus in improving and mastering your skill and use it to the team’s advantage. During the game, be sure to know which people and things you need to put your eyes on. If you are the pitcher, look ahead and throw hard. If you are the batter, focus on the ball and hit it when it’s time. If you have no idea who and what to observe, you can ask your coach. Whatever you do, you must keep in mind that you’re taking a step towards achieving something with your team.

Relax, Lock Target, And Swing Away

Some players spend a lot of time practicing and mastering their techniques, but when it’s time for the real game, they are swallowed by nervousness. Take a deep breath and relax all your muscles. Getting tense affects the bat speed of a player. This happens because when nervous, a player starts to overthink. The batter looks tough; is my usual swing enough? In worse scenarios, the player may even feel fear and pressure from the game. If this happens, she may not notice that her grip on the ball has tightened. It is then essential that you have confidence in yourself. Use the proper grip you have learned during practice and swing the ball away to success!

Make A Good Stance

Your stance can say a lot about you; may it be straight and tall stance or a crouched position. Players and spectators alike will remember you for it. No matter what it is, you must do it with strength and confidence. It must send a message out to your opponents, sometimes even intimidate them. When in position, make sure you are comfortable and ready to strike with the best softball bats. Control your breathing and be prepared. It’s better if you feel aggressive with your stance as it helps you feel in control with the whole game.

Keep A Good And Healthy Routine

A lot of players have a ritual before the game starts. Some even has one before and after batting the ball. This is not strange at all. In fact, it may even help calm your mind and build up your confidence. If you decide on the routine or ritual you will perform, keep it to yourself. Telling it to someone else will decrease the its charm. When doing it, never rush. Rushing shows that you are struggling inside. You must practice it and do it regularly. Consistency makes one focus better; hence, swinging the ball or hitting it with the best softball bats better.

What you think during the game may affect your performance. With this in mind, you must know not only to build a strong body, but also a strong mind.

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