Learn The Ways On How To Juice Your Bat

By Isaiah Laplant | Softball

Jun 30
softball bat juicing

Juicing is the modification to a bat that aims in improving and bringing a higher efficiency of its performance. A juiced bat is highly capable of amplifying the ability of the player to hit the ball harder and eventually having a good performance on the game. The juicing process can be delivered through paid services, but if you do want to have the personal touch on your bat, you can do it by following these guides.

softball bat juicing
Learn The Ways On How To Juice Your Bat


​Shaving the bat is the process where the walls of the bat’s barrel are thinned-out using a lathe or a bat shaving machine. This is used to add trampoline effect to the ball when it is hit increasing the power of the swing and distance of the ball.

  • Make use of a lathe: In this step, it is important to remember safety and it is recommended to seek the help of a professional machinist if you don’t have enough knowledge operating it in order to prevent injuries.

  • Removing end cap: Before inserting into the lathe, the bat’s end cap should be removed first which can be easily removed by using a screwdriver. The screwdriver should be inserted in the gap between the bat’s barrel and the end cap by applying a gentle force to push the end cap up until it is removed from the barrel.

  • Shave the bat using the lathe: The bat should be mounted and fixed into the lathe in a position that will enable it to shave the inner walls of the barrel. Start trimming the bat barrel walls using the lathe which will remove no more than .075” of materials.

  • Replacing the end cap: After shaving, the end cap should be replaced. Apply a coat urethane epoxy to the barrel after cleaning it and finally placing back the end cap.

  • Drying the end cap: Before using the bat make sure that the epoxy should be given enough time to dry making a stronger and tighter bond between the barrel and the end cap.


​This is the process of rolling the bat into a vise with rollers to increase the ability of the bat to make powerful pop and longer distance on a hit. The effect of this process is that it maximizes the performance of the bat without applying too much power that will eventually destroy the bat.

  • Choose the right bat: It should be noted that not all bats will be applicable to rolling process. The bats that are not designed for rolling are alloy or metal. Composite bats made from carbon layers and graphite are the one that is best to be used on rolling.

  • Purchase/Find a bat rolling machine: To get the best results in rolling a bat rolling machine could come in handy. You can purchase or find a bat rolling machine near you or have paid services for it. This machine is a vice composed of three rollers which movement to the bat while compression applied.

  • Roll the first section of the bat perpendicularly: Insert and perpendicularly place the bat into the machine’s rollers. Compress and increase the pressure by turning the top lever. Compress the bat by moving it back and forth using the side lever and avoid going more than 1 or 1 ¼ pressure and moving near the end cap and taper.

  • Bat removal and Move to the Next portion: After rolling a portion of the bat you can start rolling the next ones to achieve a balanced roll. Rotation of the bat in ¼” and rolling every new portion should be done until the entire bat is rolled.

  • Parallel roll the bat: After rolling the bat perpendicularly, rolling it in parallel could give focus on the missed spots. Place the bat in the rolling machine’s side where the rollers hit the area between the taper and end cap and start rolling four or five rotations with a pressure of quarter of a turn and then increase until reaching 1 ¼ turn pressure mark.

End Loading

​End loading is the process of adding of a material called polyurethane to the end cap in order to increase the weight on the end portion of the bat. This creates a heavier swing and a powerful pop making the ball fly farther in a hit.

  • Choose the right bat for end-loading: Aluminum and composite bats are the best ones in end loading.

  • Remove the end cap: remove the end cap by using a screwdriver and placing it in the gap between the end cap and barrel.

  • Apply polyurethane to the end cap: After removing, the end cap should be applied with polyurethane to create more weight to the end cap. Make sure all the portions are filled with polyurethane and make it dry for a day.

  • Replacing the end cap: After the application of polyurethane, the end cap can now be brought back to the bat with epoxy. The bat is now ready to use and has more weight on the end part.

  • Drying and cleaning the bat: The epoxy applied to bat should be given the enough time dry before use. Remove any excess epoxy from the end cap.

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