Heart Of The Hide vs. Pro Preferred – Which Glove Is Better?

By Daniel | Baseball

Aug 10
Heart Of The Hide vs. Pro Preferred – Which Glove Is Better?

As with all equipment in baseball, there are many options when it comes to choosing the right baseball glove.  The type of glove that you choose will vary based on what position you plan on using it for. Are you an outfielder?  First baseman? Infielder? The popular Rawlings gloves, Heart of the Hide and Pro Preferred, are available for all positions, but which one is better?

Let’s compare the two gloves and see which glove most matches the style you are interested in using to show off your all-star skills!  You will quickly see that both baseball gloves are solid products that will help build your baseball confidence out on the field.

Heart Of The Hide

Handcrafted from the top 5% of steer hides, Heart of the Hide offers baseball players the satisfaction of knowing they are playing with a durable glove.  The leather glove typically tends to be the prime cut or center portion of a smaller hide, while producing a thickness and durability that many other leather gloves can’t match.  

Because of this thick leather, the glove is easy to shape.  You will be able to mold the glove to fit your hand comfortably in a shorter amount of time.  And, its looks will stand out on the baseball field as a sharp-looking glove.

Pricing for Heart of the Hide ranges from $200-$350 and many of their gloves can be found on Amazon under Heart of the Hide.

Pro Preferred

Perfect Kipskin leather highlights the Pro Preferred glove.  With its flexibility, the Pro Preferred glove easily forms into the perfect pocket.  The sheepskin lining helps to keep moisture away which helps to keep the player’s hand dry throughout a baseball game.

The Pro Preferred glove has a strong reputation for being a superior glove and is a trademark for many of Major League baseball’s greatest stars.  It comes with a 100% wool padding to help the pocket last longer in comfort.  

Pricing for Pro Preferred gloves range from $250-$400 and many of these gloves can also be found on Amazon under Pro Preferred.

Heart Of The Hide vs. Pro Preferred Baseball Gloves

In addition to the looks of the baseball glove, there are many other important features that ballplayers look for in their gloves. Let’s compare the two a little bit deeper.

Comparing The Two

Heart Of The Hide

Pro Preferred





Breaks in faster

Stiffer leather requires a slightly longer break-in


The leather used doesn’t hold shape long

With the stiff leather, it holds its shape longer

Versions of the Glove

70 plus

20 plus



Super smooth

Thumb Sleeve



Length of Use

Gameday ready

Longer-term option

And The Winner Is…

There really are no losers when it comes to either one of these Rawlings gloves.  Both are used by Major League baseball players and each of them has their strengths.  From many of the reviews found online, it is apparent that the Pro Preferred will stand the test of time.  It can take a beating and still hold up exceptionally well.  

Even though the price may be higher, there is a stronger possibility that you will own your Pro Preferred glove for a longer period of time.  The Heart of the Hide offers a selection of quality gloves at a more affordable price. If you are looking to get the glove in use right away, Heart of the Hide would be your best option.

The other awesome feature of both gloves is that they come in a variety of colors and patterns.  You can purchase a glove to match your team’s colors or your own unique style that defines who you are.  When purchasing a glove, be sure to check out how to size your baseball glove to make sure you are getting the perfect fit.

In Conclusion…

Whichever glove you decide to go with, you will be styling on the baseball field with a durable baseball glove that you won’t be disappointed in.  The stronger glove of the two is the Pro Preferred, but it is not by a huge margin.  

Many YouTube videos are available that offer people’s opinions on the two types of baseball gloves that you might find helpful.  Three videos that you may want to check out before making a decision include:

What do you think best fits your style?  Comment below if you have had any experience with either of these gloves or if you have any questions.  Be sure to share this post with other baseball fanatics so they can gain some insight into two of the most popular gloves on the market.

Elevate your game with the Heart of the Hide or the Pro Preferred baseball gloves.  Play the game with confidence knowing each product is durable enough to last you many years of use.

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