Gamechanger VS iScore: Which Is Better For Baseball Scorekeeping?

By Daniel | Baseball

Mar 20
Gamechanger VS iScore: Which Is Better For Baseball Scorekeeping?

Do you want to find out what is the easiest way of keeping the score in a baseball game? Gone are the times when you had to use pen and paper. Modern technology made everything easier, including baseball scorekeeping. You now have digital apps that allow you to easily keep track of what is happening on the field. I did thorough research and discovered that two digital baseball scorekeeping apps are the most popular. In this article, we will try to answer the question which wins the Gamechanger VS iScore battle.

Gamechanger VS iScore: Which Is Better?

IScore and Gamechanger are both digital apps designed for baseball scorekeeping. They enable you to score games at various levels ranging from youth and high school to professional matches.

You can download the apps for Android and iOS, which means that you can use the software on your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad. Downloading is completely free, but both apps come with in-app purchases that allow you to enjoy additional features.

Let’s take a look at some features that both apps have in common:

  • Scorekeeping – the basic feature of both apps. It allows you to keep track of the score easily.
  • Rosters – you can enter the names of the players playing the match and their positions.
  • Statistics – you can check out the statistics of the current match, as well as take a look at the season, and even career statistics.
  • Stream the match online – if family or friends want to keep track of the match, you can stream play by play online.

IScore and Gamechanger are apps that have many similar features, but also their differences, which we will analyze below.

Why Would You Need A Baseball Scorekeeping App?

Before we dig into specifics about iScore and Gamechanger, here is a reason why you need to use at least one of these apps:

  • They make it simple to keep track of a baseball match. With only a couple of taps, you can track the score and statistics of the players.
  • Coaches and players can both analyze the game after the match and see what could be improved in their play.
  • Families and fans can follow the action via live updates.

Which App Is Easier To Use?

Gamechanger has a simple interface that enables you to find your way around the app easily. It may take you a bit of time and effort to learn how advanced features work, but it will be worth your while because the app has a lot to offer.

Here is a video tutorial of Gamechanger:

IScore also has an interface that fully utilizes touchscreen support of the Android and iOS devices. You can set everything up in under a minute and start keeping score. However, you will also need to be a bit patient to discover all the advanced features. It is interesting to mention that the developers of the app are people from Sports Illustrated Play.

Take a look at the iScore tutorial:

Pricing Options

If you want to utilize the complete potential of the apps, you may want to unlock paid features. It seems that iScore is the more affordable option than its rival app. You can subscribe to unlock all features for $4.99.

On the other hand, Gamechanger offers you two different plans. The Plus subscription will cost you $2.99 per month. If you decide to pay an annual subscription immediately, they will charge you $29.99. You can also pay for a Premium pricing plan that costs $7.99/month ($49.99/year) and allows you to utilize charts and stats. 

Live Streaming Feature

Certain differences exist when it comes to live streaming of the matches. As the app description pinpoints, iScore allows friends and fans to watch either by using the native iScore Central app that supports Android and iOS or by logging into Scorecast viewers. Both will allow those who want to follow the game to check out play-by-play updates and even enjoy a live view of the field.

When it comes to Gamechanger’s fan features, you can also use your mobile phone to follow the action as it happens. The app can send you notification of every change, and you can also enjoy live field view. The interesting thing is that Gamechanger also allows using a game stream radio, which can take the experience of watching the game to the next level.

Which App Is More Popular?

Although both are used by thousands of fans across the world, it seems that Gamechanger is more popular. We base that on the number of downloads from the official app stores. For example, Gamechanger has more than 500,000 downloads from the Google Play store while the iScore baseball scorekeeping app has more than 100,000.


We can’t pronounce a clear winner of the Gamechanger VS iScore duel. The reason is that both apps are reliable and they can do a good job in keeping score in baseball. Some differences exist as iScore seems to be a bit cheaper option for a premium subscription, and Gamechanger has an integrated radio to stream the game live. Ultimately, it all depends on your preferences. Considering that both apps are free, I suggest trying them both and picking your favorite.

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