DeMarini 2014 Bustos Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

By Daniel | Softball

Feb 19

Review Summary:

The list is certainly very long if we enumerate the most awesome fast-pitch softball bats in the online market, but one thing is for sure, there are very rare softball bats which are really exceptional in quality. Like the DeMarini 2014 Bustos Fastpitch Softball Bat which is currently enjoying more certifications from respected leagues and associations across the country. Its accessories are also proven useful to individuals who want quality games all the time. The selection of the right drop for any player is made possible through the bat’s different size offerings.


Whether for official tournaments or just plain leisure, recreation and fun, a good bat is just like using a sharp knife in cutting your favorite meat. In playing fast-pitch softball, a nice and convenient fast-pitch softball bat is what you need. Forget about wind direction, a good bat conquers this for sure.

Fast-pitch softball is played when the pitching type used is, you heard it right, fast-pitch. There are 3 types of pitching styles recognized by the ISF (the International Softball Federation). They are: fast-pitch, modified fast-pitch and slow-pitch. The fast-pitch softball is the most common style played in international competitions, past Olympic Games (from 1998 to 2008) and in college and high-school competitions throughout the globe.

Fast-pitch softball is the most competitive form of softball that is why it is more popular than the 2 other styles.

But different styles use different types of bats, as we said earlier. For fast-pitch type, a fast-pitch softball bat is required. We are focusing our attention to this bat since it is more frequently used in the world’s premiere leagues and competitions.

The fast-pitch type of softball bat is commonly associated with younger men and women players, but its use is not limited to them, though. One brand of this bat that is most recognizable within the sport’s circle is the DeMarini 2014 Bustos Fastpitch Softball Bat which is highly-preferred by softball fanatics all over the world. Find out some of its fantastic features below:

Product Features

1. Composite Materials

The bat is made from reinforced fiber composite materials which meet the standard set by ASA (the Amateur Softball Association). The handle does not vibrate and stings to the hand when impacted by the ball. The reinforced carbon polymer material is mixed with DX1 (graphite) which gives its barrel smooth finished and equal distribution of weight.

The half and half mix will never hurt the hands during hits; while the sweet spot will be enlarged when batters try to bunt and the chances of cracking the bat is so slim. The unique blending of metals like this creates toughness against fracture enhancing longer performance.

2. Hybrid Grip

The grip of the bat is assembled from 2-piece composite hybrid (aluminum alloy and carbon polymer) materials giving it the rugged but comfortable feel without the tack, which is usually felt among poorly crafted bat of other brands. The two materials are joined together in reinforced manner.

3. Qualifies to BPF Standard (1.2)

The DeMarini 2014 Bustos is certified by the USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association) to have a BPF (Bat Performance Factor) rating of 1.20. The standard rating for a fast-pitch softball bat is 1.15 in which the higher the number, the higher the quality it possesses. The rating is in reference with the spring-like effect of the bat with regards to a wooden bat. Some experts termed this spring-like effect as “re-coil” which also gives additional energy to burst the ball farther.

4. 4 -Weight and Size Range

This product has 4 length and weight size ratios (called “drop”) applicable to respective users. This product has an average of -13 drop shown below:

  • 29-Inch/16-Ounce
  • 30-Inch/17-Ounce
  • 31-Inch/18-Ounce
  • 32-Inch/19-Ounce

The DROP in bats is defined as the difference between the length and weight. The maximum allowable “drop” in bats is -13 which this product is offering at different sizes. In line with different sizes, the prices also differ but are considered still affordable to budget conscious parents.

5. With Rotation Index

The DeMarini 2014 Bustos is “armed” with a useful “Rotation Index” system where it has a numerical device that reminds batters to rotate the bat occasionally to prolong more its life. A smart innovation, this device is frequently used so as not to hit the ball with the same spot on the bat’s barrel in succession. Although the barrel is designed to withstand such impact, players could use the system to further the life of the bat.

6. Highly-Certified

This product is highly-certified by different associations and leagues across the United States such as ASA, NSA, ISA, ISF and USSSA. These institutions are well respected in the field of softball and equipment certifications, under which these awarding of such are privileges and acknowledgements given to quality products the associations have tested according to their standards. These certifications, once given, the products become more popular with batters and coaches.


One of the most certified equipment on our list, the DeMarini 2014 Bustos Fastpitch Softball Bat is conducive to all young players of playing age. Its advanced design is made possible by the latest technology in the industry. The alloy material is reinforced further with non-luminous metal to give its barrel a good anti-vibrating effect. The sizes this bat offer is numerous compared to the handful one offered by other brands. Furthermore, the bat’s capacity, together with the hitters’, to strike much distance during games is what all coaches and players want. This really qualifies to be one of the best fast-pitch softball bats.

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