Best Fungo Bats For The Year 2023

By Daniel | Baseball

Jan 24
Best Fungo Bats For The Year

There are different fungo bats that are available in the market right now so the fact that you are going to be a bit confused with choosing is an understatement. You need a bat that will allow you to practice with ease. The right equipment will play a huge role with your performance so it is essential that you pick the best one.

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How To Choose The Best Fungo Bat

There are some people who refer to the fungo bat as a somewhat funny bat but ever since people have started appreciating vintage things, they have decided that the fungo bat is here to stay. It is important that you get to understand what type of bat this is. A lot of people describe it as a cross between a broomstick and a bat. It is thinner than the usual bat but correct use of this bat can result to great accuracy.

What are the usual things that you have to consider so that you can pick the right fungo bat? Here are some of the things that you can study:

1. Weight

Fungo bats can come in different weights. The best way to test if the weight of the Fungo bat is good for you is to test it yourself. Hold the bat in front of you with your batting arm and see if the weight of the bat would pull you downwards. If yes, then you need to choose a lighter bat.

2. Design

You have to admit that this is one of the things that you find important. You would like to choose a bat that you will like using. There are so many designs available so just choose the one that you find most appealing unless you will be required to purchase a certain type.

3. Material Used

There are a lot of Fungo bats that are made out of aluminium. This makes the Fungo bat more lightweight compared to the other bats available.

The Benefits Of Using Fungo Bat

While there are also some players who make use of the fungo bat while practicing, the fungo bat is normally used by the coach. Here are some of the benefits that the coach gets whenever this bat is used:

  • Continuous High Accuracy Hits - Since a coach teaches a lot of students all at once, the number of hits that have to be done are sometimes hard to count. It is up to the coach to create hits that are fast and accurate to help students learn more.
  • Easier to Control - The barrel of the bat is generally easier to control than the regular bat because of the Fungo bat’s small diameter.
  • Inexpensive - Another option that some people do for practicing is using a kid’s bat. This is not practical as kids’ bats usually cost up to $250. Why use that for practicing when the Fungo bat is available and it will cost much less?
  • Minimal Effort Required to Make Hits - In the beginning, hitting balls and even tossing balls with the use of a Fungo bat will not be easy as it sounds like when being described but as you get the hang of it, you will not require too much effort to make hits one after the other. They say that flicking your wrist can already make a lot of difference with how you use it.

Do remember that even with how easy this is to use for practicing, some people say that it can be used with regular bats from time to time so that players will not become too dependent on it.

A Disadvantage

A probable disadvantage of using the Fungo bat all the time is the fact that it might mess up the batter’s natural instinct. A batter should not get used to using this bat often hence the reason why it can be used in practicing together with regular bats to strike a balance between the two.

Buying The Right Fungo Bat

Now that you know the different things that would have to be considered before purchasing plus all of the benefits that you may possibly get when you buy, do you think that it will be easier to purchase the right fungo bat? It will be wise to compare and contrast each one. You can check what people are saying are the best fungo bats available but in the end, the decision will still be up to you.

Best Fungo Bats Available

Now that you know more details about Fungo bats in general, you may be excited to check out what the market can offer. Below are some of the best fungo bats that you can check.

If you are into doing outfield drills then you know that this is one of the best fungo bats that you can try. It has a lightweight design that can help you swing it easily especially when you have to swing often. The length is around 37” so you can tell that reaching long distances is possible with the use of this bat.


  • Minimal Effort for the Sweet Spot - Unlike other fungo bats that will require a bit of breaking in before you know how to use this well, this one does not require a lot of effort, you can figure it out immediately and use this with ease.
  • Visually Appealing - When you see it, you immediately know that you and the bat will go a long way for practicing.
  • Learning Curve - There are a lot of people who like me who think that this is a pro because the moment that you get the hang of it, you can use this bat with ease but some people consider this a disadvantage because they have not figured it out yet.


  • More for Baseball than Softball - This is one Fungo bat that may be more ideal to use for baseball rather than sofball because of its design.

Even for a Fungo bat, this is known to be unique. It helps that the frame is made out of composite material which makes it durable. The light swing weight is also very helpful as it can be used all over and over again. This 35 inch bat will surely make a difference with how you practice the next time that you use it.


  • Great Balance - Aside from feeling light, you can tell that the bat feels great too. It does not feel like it is going to break down soon but at the same time, it is amazing to use.
  • Working Shaft Flexes - You can count on the flexibility of this baseball bat to help the balls bounce off easily even when you are not hitting hard.
  • Thick Part Absorbs the Shock - The reason why this is easy to use is because the thick portion absorbs the initial shock of the ball hitting the bat.


  • Not Very Durable - If you would use this day in and day out like I used to, you may expect to see some splintering after some time but I was still able to use it afterwards but with the help of a bit of tape.

I have to say that this training bat is one of my favorites. This comes with a durable aluminium design that makes it very easy to use and control. I normally use this when I know I would be training a lot of people for long hours.


  • Easy to Control - There are some Fungo Bats and believe me, I have tried a lot, that can take a long while before they can be controlled so using this bat for the first time exhilarated me because I immediately knew how to control it. After some time, I was using it like some of my old bats.
  • Vastly Accurate - I had a wrist injury at one point and this was the only bat available. Even if I was having a hard time controlling my other hand, I was still able to make hits. Perhaps it is not me but the bat.
  • Improves Hand and Eye Coordination - I have noted that people I help train usually have no trouble focusing on hitting the balls after trying to practice with this bat.


  • Plastic Balls Only - Since this is made out of aluminum, it will not be able to take the usual baseball. I need to use plastic balls when practicing with the use of this bat.

What is one reason why you do not like practicing? Perhaps it is because you normally wear yourself out because of hitting and picking the ball from the ground. With the use of this fungo bat, this isn’t something that you have to worry about anymore. This bat is made out of aluminium which keeps the weight light enough for many hours of practice.


  • Light and Long - I have used a lot of bats for a long period of time and this is one of the easiest bats to use. Coaching other people is not a hard chore anymore.
  • Consistent – Using this will make you consistent in hitting the balls whether they are fast or slow and you can also hit balls one after the other because it is lightweight.
  • Amazing Distance – I have used this bat one time to hit a ball and was surprised to see that I hit it far enough that it will be hard for other people I was with to catch the ball.


  • Length is a bit different - If you are purchasing from the internet, you can expect that it will look a bit different in person. This is supposed to be 38” but it may be in between 36 – 37”.

The first thing that you will notice about this fungo bat is its unusual color but it actually comes in different colors. It also helps that this comes with a reasonable price that you will surely appreciate greatly especially if you are following a strict budget. The fact that this is 35” makes it perfect in providing needed control.


  • Light and Easy - Holding it will be easy to do as it is lightweight. No need to worry about making swings as it does not require too much effort.
  • Applicable for Infield and Outfield Practice - Unlike other bats that are more applicable for ether, this one can be used for both. No need to purchase two separate Fungo bats to start practicing.
  • Used by Major Baseball Teams - If professionals are using this baseball bat then you can be assured that it may be one of the best available.


  • Soft and May Become Dented - When I was still fairly new in doing baseball, I used to hit as hard as I could and I was using this bat. After some time, I noticed that it became dented but the ones my teammates were using did not become dented at all.


It is evident that all of the five Fungo bats that are mentioned above all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Based on the facts, the features and the qualifications of a good Fungo bat, I can say that the best one is Easton MLF5 Maple Fungo Baseball Bat. From the rock hard maple material to the very appealing design, it is obvious that it has all of the qualities that newbies in using Fungo bats are looking for. Even though it is more fitting to use it for practicing baseball, there are no clear rules that state that you cannot use it for softball practice. It is more durable than the others. Also, just focus on the design for a second. Can you imagine not having that when you practice? Of course, all bats mentioned above all come with their strengths too. If given the chance, which one will you choose?

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