5 Best Catcher’s Equipment Bags (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

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Jan 02
Best Catcher’s Equipment Bags (Review & Buying Guide)

Becoming a catcher may be one of the most challenging jobs in all of the sports. Catchers have to learn to take many hits and put a lot of strain on their knees. They are the eyes and ears of the baseball diamond and deserve all the respect and praise for their role in a game. Since catchers work so hard and take a beating, they should at least be rewarded with one of the best catcher's equipment bags on the market today. This blog will explore some of the most recommended bags for catchers and the reasons behind their recommendations.

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Choosing The Right Catcher's Bag

What's the big deal when it comes to selecting a catcher's bag? They just need something to hold their equipment in that doesn't easily rip, right? That couldn't be further from the truth! Many times the type of baseball player the catcher is can determine different factors for what kind of a bag would suit him the best. 

Storage Space

Without a doubt, even though your child may want something with more style, an essential component of a good catcher's bag is how much storage space is provided. Depending on how much equipment you have, you will want to go through bags that will be able to accommodate the storage that you need.

Most catchers will have a mitt, mask, chest protector, leg guards, baseball bats, baseball helmet, and other accessories for comfort. That is a lot of things to cram into space. It is essential to look for unique features of the bag that can help a player save room. For example, some bags have hooks on the inside of the bag that can be used to hang batting gloves, hats, and water bottles. These are minor little details but can be a lifesaver. 

Quality Of The Bag

Now that you have figured out if the bag you like has the right amount of storage, it is time to think about how durable the bag will be. Purchasing a cheap bag may seem like a bargain in the beginning, but before you know it, you'll be right back out buying another one. Cheap bags don't last.

When checking out the quality of the bag, consider the following:

  • What is the zipper situation? Is it going to get jammed consistently, or does it seem prepared for rugged use? It is going to be ripped opened and closed all the time.
  • How insulated is the inside of the bag? Will it be able to keep all the gear dry when the weather conditions change? If it is a fragile bag, chances are the equipment is going to feel the effects of the water.
  • Does the bag come with wheels? If so, what does their quality look like? You will want to have a bag that has wheels that can handle grass, dirt, concrete, rocks, and gravel. It is important not to get a cheap wheel that will start wobbling all over the place when it hits its first bump.
  • How many extra add-ons can be found on the inside? Are there inner pockets where the player can store extra possessions?

Wheels or No Wheels?

Another debate that many catchers have is whether or not wheels are worth it. Wheels are a luxury item. Can you imagine some of the all-time great catchers wheeling their bags around to the park? That is not to say wheels should be dismissed. Catchers should consider purchasing bags with wheels.

Most bags today come with custom and rugged wheelsets that include additional rubber threading to handle some of the most challenging conditions. If you decide to purchase a bag with wheels, look for a bag that has elevated wheels to prevent catchers from having to bend over all the time. 

Additional Compartments

Many catcher's bags these days have little add-ons that give catchers more storage options. Separate sections for baseball bats are a huge plus. Sometimes this can be found on the outside of the bag, but most bags today allow you to store your bats right inside. Some bags have separate compartments for the catcher's cleats, mitt, practice balls, and other gear. This is certainly worth looking into if you are trying to figure out the best way to organize your equipment throughout the bag.


Now that we've gone through all the luxuries that can come with a catcher's bag, it is time to start talking to money. As mentioned above, if you purchase a cheap catcher's bag, you are going to get what you paid for. Based on all the information above, prioritize the kind of bag you are looking for before spending any money.

Quality should trump any other category. The more you spend on a quality bag, the longer the bag is going to last you throughout your career. Good, quality bags will run most people around $200. Again, by spending the money now, you'll be saving in the long run. 

5 Best Catcher's Equipment Bags Reviewed

​We will be taking a look at five of the top catcher's equipment bags on the market today. When choosing five bags, all of the components discussed above were taken into consideration. You cannot go wrong with any of the five bags that are reviewed here.


One of the most popular catcher's equipment bags available today is the No Errors NO E2 Wheeled Catcher's Gear Bag. It comes with nine pockets and different compartments, three of which are ventilated to keep your equipment dry. The inner locker part of the bag is 36 inches long and 12 inches deep. For your shin guards, the dimensions are 36 by 12 inch wide by 12-inch deep pocket.

Heavy-duty fabric lines the bag all around, which makes it one of the best types of materials for any of the catcher's bag. There is a shelving system that has a shin guard expandable pocket along with a pocket for cleats.

This bag is large enough to hold three baseball bats along with spots for your batting and catcher's helmets. It is a perfect organizational bag. The four hideaway hooks can help catchers hang their bags up anywhere they want.

The bag contains fat boy wheels with heavy-duty threads that will help catcher's drag their bags over any material with ease. This bag is ready to travel anywhere you need it to go!

Check out a breakdown of the bag


  • A tremendous amount of space
  • Quality material ensures durability
  • Fat boy wheels allow for rolling ease
  • Easily organizable


  • Costly bag
  • The zipper isn’t of the same quality of all the other pros


The Easton E700W Wheeled Bag is another popular option for catchers. With full-length dimensions of 36 inches long by 13 inches wide by 13 inches in height, the Easton E700W is big enough to support all of your catcher's equipment.

This bag comes with a full bottom rail that adds additional structure and durability to the bag. It is built with heavy inline wheels that can handle some of the most difficult terrains. One of the main reasons catchers love this bag is because of the lockable zippers it comes with to prevent any blowouts.

The bag is spacious enough to hold a complete catcher's gear set, batting helmet, three gloves, and three to four bats. It will be a little surprising when you see it as to how spacious it truly is. The bag is relatively affordable and a good bargain for how vast and durable it is. 

Take a Look at the Easton E700W


  • Exceptionally durable
  • One of the more affordable options
  • Great build
  • Solid mobility


  • No hooks to hang the bag up
  • Separate compartment for individual bat is nonexistent


One of the most stylish equipment bags on the list, the Boombah Brute Rolling Baseball/Softball Gear Bag, is an excellent option for catchers. The dimensions for this bag are 35 inches long by 15 inches wide by 12.5 inches tall. This is the ideal bag for catchers who know their bag might take a beating.

It is very resistant to tears and rips and has some of the best zippers on this list. Boombah is known for their quality material, and the same can be said for their catcher's bag. It is even built in a way to prevent dirt from getting on other items that are in your bag.

The bottom compartment can easily carry any shoes or helmets while the main compartment can easily carry all of the catcher's equipment along with extra gloves, balls, and helmets. The bag comes with a handle on each end, making it easy to transport to and from a vehicle.

J-hooks are re-enforced on the bag for easy access to hang anywhere that you need to. Large wheels make travel easy with plastic runners on the bottom of the bag to add more stability. It is also very affordable and comes in TONS of different colors.


  • Great price
  • Multiple color options
  • The bottom compartment is large
  • Stable and durable
  • J-Hooks for easy hanging


  • Zipper tends to become difficult after a few years of use


Made from long-lasting, durable material, the Rawlings Sporting Goods Yadi Wheeled Catcher's Bag is ready to ensure every catcher is prepared for battle. The dimensions of the bag are 37 inches long by 14 inches wide by 6 inches high.

The bag comes with a couple of exterior pockets for an added storage space. The main compartment can easily store all of your catcher's equipment. It also comes with a panel that can be removed if you were interested in customizing the bag.

Quickly pull the bag with its telescopic handle and large wheels that are reinforced with a support base. This bag comes at an affordable price, but catchers will only be able to purchase the bag in the color shown above.

Check out a short video on the Yadi Wheeled Catcher's Bag


  • Affordable pricing
  • Strong support base
  • The panel is removable for customization
  • Durable construction


  • Only available in one color


Champro Sports may be one of the more underrated bags in baseball, but it certainly comes with a lot of durability and praise from those who use it. The dimensions of the bag are 36 inches long by 16 inches high by 14 inches wide. The price is rather affordable, as well.

This bag is built to accommodate ALL of your equipment. It is a huge bag, which can be both good and bad. It comes with two different compartments---an upper level and a lower level. This is a useful divider for things you want to keep clean and things you don't mind getting dirty. It also comes with a removable laundry bag, which is pretty unique.

The Champro heavy-duty roller bag is prepared to hold anything a catcher desires. With so much room, a catcher should be able to throw everything in there to get them through any game, doubleheader, or rainstorm. Many umpires use this bag as well to store their very similar equipment.

Umpire's Review of the Champro Bag


  • Massive in size
  • Two layers of compartments
  • Removable Laundry Bag
  • Good price


  • Can feel too big
  • Doesn’t have your typical catcher’s gear bag


Our choice: No Errors NO E2 Wheeled Catcher's Bag is the best catcher’s bag.

All five of the catcher's bags listed in this list are unique in their own way. They all fall in a price range of $100-$250. Each one of them offers a variety of style options, which many catchers will enjoy.

Of all the bags displayed in this list, the No Errors NO E2 Wheeled Catcher's Bag wins as the most durable and productive bag. It is the most expensive bag on the list, but it checks off all the boxes mentioned earlier in the blog. It provides the storage space that catchers need and is exceptionally durable. The wheels are dependable on this bag, and it has various other compartments for catchers to organize their gear. The price is up there, but you will be purchasing a bag that is going to last for a very long time.

Please share your thoughts and ideas on these or other catcher's bags that you have found useful. Please share with other catchers, especially as the holidays approach, and these could provide some great gift ideas for the holidays!

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