10 Best Hitting Techniques In Softball

By Isaiah Laplant | Softball

Feb 11

In our quest to be a first-class softball player, it is always best to find out what the best is. Be it the best softball bat, mitt or the best throwing technique. It is important for us to find out how to execute such techniques in order to further our training. Listed below, is a compilation of the ten best hitting techniques for softball players.

1. A Balanced Workable Stance

Good balance is the key in maintaining a solid base. The balanced stance would also help reduce tension, which would make the batter a lot more confident in his batting judgment. It should also be comfortable for the batter.

2. Rhythm and Movement in the Stance

Professional softball players almost always have some kind of added body movement in their stance. The movement allows the batter to quickly execute the move and shift their weight a lot faster.

3. A Smooth Weight Shift

The smoothness and quickness of the hitters weight shift will determine how hard the ball is hit by the batter. The smooth and quick weight shift from the backside to the forward side and from a solid front side should be mastered. A hitter must shift his weight from back to forward in order to properly and effectively hit the ball.

4. Striding With The Front Toe Closed

Close your toes when you stride. This is to ensure that you won’t throw off your balance and pull out of your position. Opening your toes, especially the front, could cause your hips to open too much and can throw you off the proper timing of your swing.

5. Having The Ball In The Launch Position

You must have the ball in a launch position before your front foot completes a stride or weight shift. Professional hits have the bat ready to swing before the foot completes the stride because booth movements are separate. They all stride in order to swing.

6. Good Hitters Go To The Ball To Hit It

Patience is not the key in hitting the ball. It is timing. However, smart hitters always go to the ball in order to hit it. They are actively trying to make contact with the ball through their best softball bat instead of waiting for the ball to come to them.

7. A Tension Free Swing Is Crucial

Always remember to calm yourself down when hitting. Decrease the tension so that full concentration is available. Tension prevents the hitter a full extension and causes the head to move improperly which in turn prevents a smooth and powerful swing.

8. Keep Your Head Down And Eyes On The Ball

Again, balance is the key. A good hitter can see the ball longer while they keep their heads down and their eyes strictly focused on the ball. Concentration plays a big role for the hitter to not miss the ball.

9. Use The Whole Field To Hit

There is a whole lot of space in the field. Hit the ball where it is pitched and use the space to your advantage. Good hitters know that they should lay off the bad pitches and focus on the good ones to rake in more points.

10. Hit Through The Ball

Look at the ball and hit through it. Follow through and then run as fast as you can out of the box. Sprint as hard as you can to get to the next base.

The techniques listed above may seem simple but good hitters know that it is not just about hitting the ball and executing what has been taught. However, good hitters know that it’s not just about hitting, and that technique is not everything. Hard work pays off and practice literally makes your execution perfect. Therefore, you must aim to master the basic drills, stances and movements in order for you to develop our own techniques that would serve you in the games. Who knows, if you master all of them, you may someday find yourself in the sports’ hall of fame.

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