Nov 25

Who Invented Softball? The Unexpected Origin

By Daniel | Blogs

There’s a thought around the origin of softball in which many people believe that this sport came from a variation of one of the best sports in the world: baseball. But this is a wrong fact; this game was actually created by mistake, on a football game, back in 1887.The story behind the origin of […]

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Jun 30

Learn The Ways On How To Juice Your Bat

By Isaiah Laplant | Blogs

Juicing is the modification to a bat that aims in improving and bringing a higher efficiency of its performance. A juiced bat is highly capable of amplifying the ability of the player to hit the ball harder and eventually having a good performance on the game. The juicing process can be delivered through paid services, […]

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May 24

Best Slowpitch Softball Bat Reviews for 2016

By Daniel | Equipment

Softball is a sport that is popular for both the young and young at heart. It is a game that requires both individual talent and teamwork to succeed. Aside from developing the right set of skills, the equipment that players use can possibly play to their advantage. An item of special concern for anyone who’s […]

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May 23

10 Ways To Get Better At Softball

By Daniel | Guides

Improving your game skills in softball requires some properly aligned fundamentals, persistent practice, and the right positive attitude. Some of the most efficient and successful tips to up your softball skills have been combined in this list of 10 ways to get better at softball. 1. Get the full knowledge of the game In order […]

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Feb 29

Juice Your Softball Bat: Here’s How

By Isaiah Laplant | Guides

There are a lot of ways softball players can improve their batting performance. The first thing to consider is the equipment they use. Choosing best softball bats make a lot of difference. Once chosen, the bat is entitled to be taken care of its owner. If a player wishes to have a good and long history […]

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